My au(マイエーユー)-料金・ギガ残量の確認アプリ

by KDDI株式会社
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◆ Used by more than 10 million people! au user essential app
◆ You can check the charge, the remaining amount of data (giga), and points immediately!
~ Main functions ~
(1) Data remaining amount (giga) / usage amount
・ You can check the current remaining amount of data (giga) and usage amount.
・ You can also check the data usage history (giga) for the last 7 days and the past 6 months on the graph.
② Billed amount / planned billed amount
・ You can check the billed amount and breakdown of au.
・ You can compare the billing amount for the past 6 months with a graph.
③ Support menu
・ You can solve questions and troubles by yourself.
・ You can use the message function to consult with au operators in text format and make reservations for visiting au shops.
④ Confirmation / change of contract information
・ You can check au contract information and change rate plans and optional services.
・ You can change your address before you move.
⑤ Ponta points / au points
・ You can check your Ponta points and au points.
・ You can also check how to use and accumulate points from the app.
⑥ au PAY balance / au PAY card
・ You can check your au PAY balance and au PAY card usage amount.
⑦ au Denki
・ You can check the usage status and contract information of au Denki.
⑧ au online shop
・ You can easily purchase the latest model or change the model.
(Au services that can be confirmed elsewhere)
Internet, au Smart Pass Premium, au Smart Pass, smash., TV Pack, TELASA, Uta Pass, Book Pass, NETFLIX, Apple Music, YouTube Premium, GeForce NOW Powered by au, au Life Insurance, au Damage Insurance, au Jibun Bank's mortgage, au's iDeCo, au's asset management contract status
* An au ID is required to use this app. You can easily set the au ID from the app.
* Available in 5G / 4G LTE / 3G / Wifi environments.
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