Indian Classical Ragas

by Androizen
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"Raga" is a melodic mode used in Indian classical music. It is a rhythmic expression of a mood in Indian melody. "Indian Classical Ragas" is an e-Learning application where you can learn the Ragas by knowing Aaroh, Avaroh, Vaadi, Samvaadi, Prahar and some more information. Application also displays the list of famous hindi songs based on the ragas for reference.
We are in continuous process of adding more and more songs to the application hence you can expect more frequent updates to the application. Application works very well on mobile devices as well as tablet devices.
Application shows few Devnagari letters like "Swara's". To view them correctly; we would recommend using the application on Android version 4.2+; though few earlier versions are able to render the application without any issues. Our recommendation to use 4.2 is because; Android has officially started supporting Indic Fonts from version 4.2
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