Duplicate Photo Files Remover

by MOBI Master
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Does your mobile phone contains the duplicate and identical photos. Are you the strong addict of using multiple social platforms on your mobile phone?
1- You might have downloaded media content multiple times
2- While in travelling or in some occasion you capture identical HDR photos multiple times
3- Some of the applications creates a copy of the media file you open with them
4- You are a strong addict of using multiple social platforms, as it causes a lot of data to be stored on your phone.
1- Discover and detect identical and duplicate photos in your mobile phone?
2- Get the detailed view of duplicate photos in the form of group?
3- Optimize and organize your phone or tablet memory storage?
4- Get the details of the duplicate photos with their paths and size they occupied?
Are you looking for a fast and efficient duplicate media cleaner solution to overcome this problem? Here comes the perfect solution!. A solution with the intelligent functionality and super simple, elegant and user friendly design.
is a powerful duplicate media cleaner app and a perfect solution for you. It intelligently scans and discover the identical and duplicate jpg, jpeg, png, bmp and gif type photos in your mobile phone. This duplicate media cleaner app gives you a fully detailed view of the identical photos and images in the form of group with complete details like their paths in memory and the sizes they occupied on your phone storage. It tells you the total number of duplicate photos found and the total size they occupied on your phone and lets you select or unselect photos and delete them permanently from your phone and optimize the storage space.
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