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This app exist since 2012 and helps you leveling your motorhome or any other 4-wheel vehicle. The first version was created back in 2012 by eland apps and is being used by ten thousands of camping enthusiasts all over the world!
The app shows the amount of centimeters or inches each wheel has to rise, taking the wheelbase and the wheel width into account (values for wheelbase and wheel width can be set according to your vehicle's specifications). The app can also show how to position your leveler blocks for best result!
Other features are added as well : just have a look!
The app can be calibrated to be used on various (uneven) surfaces, like the floor, a chair, a table or any other surface, even if this surface is not flat*!
*you need to calibrate the app before using it
*note that when you put your phone on a flat surface, without calibrating, the app will probably show incorrect results as the back of your phone is probably not flat because of - for instance - the camera.
This app is identical to our PRO version, only difference is that the Free version contains ads. Not sure if you want to buy the app? Try the Free app first! Do you like the Free app? Please then consider buying this ad free version. Thanks!
First time users, please read the instructions (also available in the Menu under and on our website):
By default the app is not calibrated. In order to do so, please follow below instructions before usage:
1. Place your phone on a flat surface, like a large table
2. In the app, go to the leveler screen and select
3. Click the Calibrate menu button (left top in the leveler screen) to open the Calibration menu
4. Click the Calibrate button
5. Be patient and do not touch the table or the phone / tablet while calibrating !!!
6. When completed, the app is calibrated for a flat surface like the table
7. Use the table in your motorhome (or the kitchen worktop) to level in your motorhome
8. When your motorhome is leveled, you can calibrate the app for other surfaces as well, even if that surface is not horizontal: the dashboard, a chair, the floor or any other surface. You do so by selecting the right surface in the app and clicking Calibrate again
(note: can not be calibrated. shows the phone's default)
You can undo the calibration for any selected surface by clicking the Undo button in the Calibration menu.
Note: calibration is a correction added to the app only, there are no changes made to your phone!
Some phones also require to calibrate the sensors in the phone or tablet. Please read your phone's manual on how to do that.
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